THIS AGREEMENT, herein referred to the "Agreement," is being executed today by SOI DESIGN STUDIO

and between YOU hereby known as the (client). The firm is located in Kisumu County and it's contact

number is +254702472885 . SOI DESIGN STUDIO, intends to provide Furniture Construction or Fitting

services to YOU

THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth below, we both shall agree to the terms

and conditions herein contained in this Contract and enumerated as follows:

Detailed Description of Work to Be Performed

SOI DESIGN STUDIO agrees to perform in a good and workmanlike manner, all work detailed in the

Specifications Sheet discussed on phone or email. Any modifications or alterations from the herein

contained terms and conditions must be done in writing, on email or chat.

Detailed Scope of Work

The Client shall provide all services, materials and labor costs for the furniture or fittings designs



SOI DESIGN STUDIO agrees to complete all work herein described and YOU shall pay the FIRM for the

performance of this contract for the total sum of 70% of the total in accordance with the terms of this

contract. Upon the receipt of final payment on this contract, SOI DESIGN STUDIO shall be released and

discharged from any and all claims against it for any work performed hereunder or any alteration


Commencement and Completion of Work

SOI DESIGN STUDIO will not begin work or order any materials before the third (3) day following the

signing of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified in writing. Barring any delay caused by

circumstances beyond the firm's control, the work shall be completed by a maximum of two weeks . By

accepting these terms, YOU hereby acknowledge and agree that the scheduling dates are approximate

and that any delay attributable to the presence of hidden conditions or requiring additional work

discovered during the course of construction, or delays arising out of the receipt of equipment and/or

materials, that are not avoidable by SOI DESIGN STUDIO , shall not be considered as violations of this


Rights To Cancellation

The Company/Client has the right to cancel the Contract Agreement, without any penalty or obligation

within three (3) business days after signing the contract by ordinary email, recorded phone call and chat

not later than midnight of the third business day of the signing of this agreement.

Failure to do so the following obligations will be met by the client and the product ordered is retained by


● One week = 35% of total cost

● One and a half weeks = 60% of total cost

● Two weeks = 85% of total cost


The Parties covenant herein therefore agree that in no event, and at no time during the Term of this

Agreement or at any time thereafter, shall either of them disparage, denigrate, slander, libel or

otherwise defame the other or the other’s businesses, services, properties or assets, or employees,

personnel, agents, or representatives on any online or offline platform.

Accept terms via writing on email or text at

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 702 472885